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Hyderabad To Delhi Flights

Hyderabad is a rich cultural city and the capital of Telangana. The twin city is Secunderabad, also known for rich history. An interesting fact is that Hyderabad was recently increased with the districts all around it, so now it is known as Greater Hyderabad. Hyderabad To Delhi Flights are required for a large number of people, due to business and family reasons. There are daily flights between these two cities.

Arriving at the airport

Coming at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport is very easy thanks to great connections all around. The airport itself is a newly open facility, located 22 km from the city center. Hyderabad To Delhi Flights requires from you to check in at least 30 minutes before a flight!

The best alternative for reaching the airport is by an expressway, which takes just 20 minutes. Additionally, you can use a taxi, which costs Rs20 per 2 km. Obviously, you can use a bus service, but keep in mind that they travel up to 40 minutes.

Connections between the Hyderabad all other cities in India are excellent, which made it suitable as the starting place for each trip. Connections by air, train, and highways are the most common.

Visit the following places

Charminar is probably the most interesting construction in the old city. It is 48.5 meters tall and there are 140 steps. The name literally means ‘’Four Minaret’’. The construction is massive and unique.

Chowmahalla Palace is another place in the old city which should be visited. It is a palace from the Asaf Jahi dynasty, where visitors can see some of the oldest items used in India in the early ages. Keep in mind that you will have to pay additional Rs50 to get a camera permit!

Birla Mandir is located in the modern part of the city and it occupies the main mountain there. In short words, it is a business building which features a great mixture of the traditional and modern technologies.

Archival Museum and State Museum should be visited as well. Both of them host artifacts from the 1st century and both of them are focused on the Asian history.

Buy something

Hyderabad To Delhi Flights will allow you to spend some time shopping in this ancient-modern city. It is the best-known for the pearls and some of the finest products are available here. Jagdamba Pearls are the oldest and the largest manufacturer and distributor with superb pearls. Imitation Jewellery is similar in any way and adored by tourists.

Other things you can buy include handicrafts available at Lepakshi, United Designers, Shilparamam, and others. Don’t forget to visit the Laad Bazaar, which is a modern and exotic facility where you can buy all sorts of goods.

Have a lunch while in Hyderabad

You may have to wait between Hyderabad To Delhi Flights occasionally. If that occurs having a lunch in the city is mandatory. We will advise you to visit the Hyderabadi dum biryani and try some of the local specialties, which include a mixture of vegetables, meat, and ingredients.

Kachchi gosht ki biriyani is a place where people enjoy raw meat, mixed with delicious sauces. It is a local specialty.


Landing ion Delhi will occur at the Indira Gandhi International Airport, located in the southwest part of the city. This district is also fully adapted for tourist and businessman, so you can enjoy some of the finest hotels, bazaars, and shopping malls. The style and the architecture are more focused on tradition than on modern styles.

Moving from the airport to the city

Coming to Delhi from the airport is preferable with a taxi, or with UberX. Just to add, ordinary Uber services are available as well. Getting on a bus is possible as well, but you will need more time to reach the city center. If you are a guest of a hotel, try to get a pre-ordered pickup, where you will be transported directly to a hotel with a dedicated driver.

A metro service is inclining as we speak. With the direct Airport Express line, you can move between the city and the airport in no time at all.

Moving across the city

Once in Delhi, you will have a variety of alternatives to move around. The subway is the fastest way due to frequent traffic jams. Make sure you pay attention to the subway lines, which are a market with different colors (red, blue, violet, yellow and green).

Getting a taxi is definitely recommended. You will be able to enjoy in some of traditional taxi vehicles available in Delhi only. Just in case, moving around by foot is the most impressive choice.

Check out while in Delhi

While you are in Delhi, you will be able to see some of the most magnificent museums, starting with Gandhi Smriti, Kiran Nadar Museum of Art and International Doll’s Museum.

Monuments that deserve your time are Rajpath, Purana Qila, Raj Ghat and Jantar Mantar. While seeing them, you will pass by Lodhi Garden and Nehru Parks. Spend some time in them to have a rest from the crowd and traffic jams. Hyderabad To Delhi Flights are so popular just because many tourists come to Delhi from Hyderabad. Become one of them!

Buy something

Delhi is also known for superior shopping malls and bazaars. You should check out the DLF Promenade mall. It is located close to the airport and there are direct lines between the two. Select CityWalk and ambiance Mall are a desirable choice as well. Keep in mind that all of them have affordable rates.

Spending some time on having a cup of tea is more than just recommended. We advise you to go to Kho-Cha Tea Boutique, where more than 500 different teas are served. Most of them have a strong taste, which made this tea house so popular.

Eating while in Delhi is commonly associated with the street food. There are two options here. You can get street food from the streets, obviously, or you can get it in specialized restaurants.