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Mumbai To Delhi Flights

Mumbai To Delhi Flights are available daily and almost all of them are cheap. Still, most of these flights will leave you sufficient amount of time to visit Mumbai, before you take off. Mumbai is the largest city in India, therefore it really has a lot to offer.

You should check in at the Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport at least 2 hours before departure on the terminal 1C. Other terminals are reserved for international flights. Coming to the airport is easiest if you get a taxi, but bus option is available as well. It is located 28 km from the city and depending on a traffic, you may need between 20 and 40 minutes to arrive.

Language in Mumbai

Due to the fact the city has a large population of people from other parts of the city, you may need a few tips about the language. The official language is Marathi and it is used by all administration and government officials.

Plenty of people don’t speak the Marathi language, but they speak Hindi or a Bollywood version of it. Luckily the English language is widely spoken and without an issue, you can have a conversation with the most people.

Tourist locations

When it comes to visiting Mumbai, you should pay attention to the Nehru Complex, which hosts an art gallery and a science center. Regardless of what you want to see here, the complex will provide that to you. It is a sophisticated and advanced construction.

Bhavans Nature Adventure Centre is reserved for those who like nature and who want to enjoy in natural experiences. Hiking and trailing are the most popular attractions here. Beach should be visited in the evening, due to the locals who dance and enjoy party time during late hours.


Street markets in Mumbai are some of the largest in the world. They are also the most visited in the whole country. Silver Centrre and Colaba market are specifically developed for tourists and all of you who have time between Mumbai To Delhi Flights. Here is possible to get some of the handicrafts and local souvenirs, a variety of items and all of that at a low price.

Palladium or Inorbit Malls are more advanced and commonly visited by the teenagers. The first items and goods released to the Indian markets are available here.

Food in Mumbai

Dunkin Donuts, Californian Pizza Kitchen and several other food giants from the United States are widely spread across Mumbai. Beside them, people have the ability to eat at restaurants which provide foods from other countries. Lebanese, Italian and Chinese are popular.

Bhurji and sandwich stands are extremely popular thanks to low prices. Mumbai To Delhi Flights may demand from you a quick snack, and the mentioned places are the most appealing. Besides the prices, all kinds of foods can be bought.

If the time is something you have, enjoy some of the finest teas in whole India. Most tea houses have a list of over 500 teas available.


Coming to Delhi, you will land at the Indira Gandhi International Airport, more precisely on the Terminal 1C, for domestic flights like Bangalore To Delhi Flights. Here checking out is done fast and after that, you will have to find a way to reach the city. Because Delhi is the capital of India and the main business city, traffic jams and rush hours are common.

Try to get to the city with a taxi or Uber. They are the most affordable and the fastest options. Just in case, you can go with a train or a bus. Recently the city administration invested into these transportation methods, so they are reliable and modern.

If you are staying at a hotel, demand for pick-up service. Basically, they are affordable and reliable, but you even get a small amount of luxury with it.

Experience Delhi

Mumbai To Delhi and Delhi to Mumbai Flights are popular among tourists. If you are one of them, you will want to see some of the amazing monuments, buildings, and locations in Delhi. It all starts with Red Fort the main attraction here. It is open to visitors, but there is a payment fee, which may vary.

Qutumb complex is UNESCO protected and second most popular tourist attraction here. Just try to get enough time to see a few parts of it, including Tomb of Imam Zamin, Quwwat-ul-Islam Mosque and Qutub Minar.

Jawaharlal Nehru University campus is simply one of a kind. It is rated among top India’s universities and one of the largest. You will be impressed with its size, architecture, and style.

Some things can be done in Delhi to make the stay unforgettable. National Zoological Park is here only if you are ready to walk for a long time. Delhi Photo Tour is actually recommended because a local guide will take you to the places which are commonly missed by tourists!

Food tour

Food in Delhi comes from all parts of the world. Nevertheless, Indian food is primary. Food Tour in Delhi is reserved for all of you who want to try different foods as soon as possible while being accompanied by a local guide.

Other ways are simply getting a taxi and going to a restaurant you want to eat it. We will recommend Bitto Tikki Wala, aloo tikki specialty restaurant and Amritsari Kulcha Wala where foods with strong taste and odor are served.

Teas are popular in Delhi, so we have some of the largest tea houses in the world. Just look for Kho-Cha Tea Boutique or Aap ki Pasand Tea Shop.

Shopping in Delhi

Karol Bagh is one of the markets known for traditional clothes and goods. But, here bargaining isn’t common. On the other side, we have Janpath, a flea market where bargaining is mandatory. You can hop on to a flight from Delhi to Goa to visit even more flea markets. Be prepared to look for quality and try to adjust the price.

Some of the most affordable computers here are easy to find at Nehru Place and District Centre. Besides computers, they also offer hardware and other components.